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A3 Posters 


Nothing moves us as readily as pictures. Printing ad posters is the perfect strategy to achieve a noticeable presence in public areas – particularly these days when almost everyone is bombarded with digital messages; we get pleasure from looking at a really well-made ad poster. Right through from intelligent choice of colours and design to special visual effects such as the fluor poster, the best ad poster printing attracts our innate curiosity and attention unconsciously.

The same applies to posters: even familiar motifs become more lifelike in high resolution and details hitherto unnoticed suddenly become visible. In this way, the publicity effect of the classic ad poster is fully utilised. In all places where important information needs to be prominently displayed in public places and optimised for target groups, ad posters continue to be the advertising medium of choice.


Size: A3 297mm x 420mm 

  • Silk stocks are ideal for indoor posters
  • Great for sales and events advertisements



Silk-coated paper that’s sleek to the touch. A classic option for all advertising and business stationery. It has a slight sheen to it which gives your print a vibrant and crisp appearance but softer than full high-shine gloss. Fully writable with a ball point pen.

  • Most popular
  • Soft sheen finish
  • Cheap option

A3 Posters

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